I live in Longoio near Bagni di Lucca and have been here since 2005. My blog was started in 2013 as a hobby. I also enjoy walking, teaching and animals. I feel privileged to live in this part of the world – it’s so beautiful here…

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    • Hello !! I’m new to this great blog ! Marion & I (Gary) have 10 days booked in Lucca Di Bagni starting the 26th September. We’re staying at Il Metatino, an old chestnut roasting house in the hillside. I’d really appreciate tips on where to go. Obviously Lucca is a must but we’re interested in the small & beautiful too!! We are both artists & are keen to find breathtaking landscapes for when we return & want to paint the memories!!

      • Thanks for your kind comment. You’re welcome to trawl through my blog to find places of interest. If your are at metatino then you may be at mobbiano which is five minutes from where I live. My ph8one no is number is 0039 339 128 2757

      • I have a very special place in my heart for Bagni di Lucca. I have stayed there twice, both for extended periods of time so I got to “play”with the locals and live the dream. I do not know Il Metatino, – which village is it in. Although there is a bus from Lucca in the mornings and evenings it is better to have a car. Driving is easy. There are many breathtaking views. There is so much to see. Most of the villages have at least a bar and restaurant. There are lots of ex-pats living there so English is spoken but the locals only usually speak Italian. There are a million places along the river that you will love to paint, up in the mountains and the hills. I am also an artist so I have no doubt that you will find many many opportunities to paint. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions as I do love to talk about BdL. Lyn

  1. Hello – my holiday companion and I may have almost bumped into you both in your little car last Thursday evening when we were stumbling around the lanes of Longoio with two of those dreaded suitcases on wheels, having just arrived from the UK. We asked you directions to Il Metatino and you kindly sent us in the right direction!! Thanks for doing so, we may still be walking around in circles if not!!
    Amanda, Liverpool

      • We are ok, too far north of the epicentre to be affected. The grandparents of another blogger in the Sibillini have had damage to their house but they are ok. I liked your piece on all’Amatriciana so much that I reblogged it with a credit to you – hope ok.

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