It’s Now Longoio3

Hi there!

My Longoio web site is now continuing on



You can, of course still view


Thanks for still reading me.

Best wishes and, as the great Dave Allen so memorably used to say, ‘may your God go with you’







6 thoughts on “It’s Now Longoio3

  1. Hi Francis,

    I came to your wonderful blog after Googling the name Liliana Urbach.
    My wife Diana and I are living in Fornoli for a month and exploring the area to the best of our ability without a car. We are Australian teachers on leave for 6 months, deciding on Bagni di Lucca as a great place to sink roots, at least for a while.

    We are learning Italian and writing. The memorial in Fornoli sparked my interest, leading to your blog. You clearly have a wealth of knowledge and you write beautifully. We walked up to the modern Terme without knowing the dark history nearby. Understanding our relationship to places with particular histories is very interesting for me: the extent to which the history of a place shapes our perceptions of it; the extent to which the past is accessible by visiting these sites?

    Anyway, if you are around and have some time I’d love to chat with you.

    Best wishes and thanks for your blog.


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