New Mayor for Bagni di Lucca

As a result of the local council elections yesterday there is a new mayor for Bagni di Lucca. His name is Paolo Michelini and he beat the former Mayor Massimo Betti by 80 votes. Third was Claudio Geminiani and last by a long way was Quinto Bernardini.

More details at

Twelve councillors were also elected and these can be regardless of the mayor’s party in power. The twelve councillors are

Maria Barsellotti, Carlo Giambastiani, Francesca Lenzarini, Monica Melani, Sebastiano Pacini, Marco Pelagalli, Silvano Iacopo Salotti, Antonio Bianchi (Uniti per cambiare), Massimo Betti, Giulia Mariani (Progetto Rinascimento), Laura Lucchesi, Claudio Gemignani (Un futuro per Bagni di Lucca).

I wonder what the future holds for Bagni di Lucca. At least it won’t have to contend with the highly confused picture now thrust upon the inhabitants of the uk.


6 thoughts on “New Mayor for Bagni di Lucca

    • I didn’t vote as I don’t believe I know enough about local politics to make an informed decision I left it to the people who live here to decide as they must live with the result but I am surprised at your comment! Can you elaborate?

      • Hi which comment surprised you? Actually I didn’t vote because I’m in london and there’s no option for a postal vote. The big problem in my opinion is lack of a truly effective marketing and investment policy for the town. If they can do in bdl what they have done for run down resorts in the uk then things will improve.

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