Lucca: a Tree-Lined City

Lucca is famous not only for its walls but for the trees which surround them. Many of the trees are built on the ramparts themselves. Sadly several have suffered and had to be cut down and replanted in recent years.

The same fate is regrettably happening to the trees which surround the circonvallazione, or ring road, which encircles the walls. Happily there is an ongoing project to replant the ones that have been felled with lecci or holm –oaks. Limes and planes are also being replaced.

Despite the changing arboreal landscape it is still a great pleasure to drive around the walls of Lucca, especially when the trees are fresh with their new spring leaves.


May Lucca still remain what poet Gabriele D’annunzio described as

…la città dall’arborato cerchio,
ove dorme la donna del Guinigi.


…the city with the tree-lined circle

within which sleeps Guinigi’s wife.



(Guinigi’s wife in Lucca cathedral)



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