Whisky Without Soda

Miao! If you read Francis’ blog regularly you’ll know who I am. Just because I’m black and white – no great thing for a cat – my servant has called me Whisky.

Actually I wouldn’t touch the stuff – prefer a nice dollop of cream myself. I’ve got a sister called Cheeky but thankfully she’s miles away as we don’t really get on except for giving some nice claws to each other.

Here is a picture of my sister climbing up a tree. Hope she can’t get down! Her butler is Francis from Longoio.

I think I’m quite a privileged cat as my patron is none other than Prof Sam Stych who must be the most venerable citizen of Bagni di Lucca. He will be 101 years old this July the 15th!

There’s nothing I like more than snuggling up on Sam’s lap and sleeping and dreaming away. After all 101 in cat years is 25. No mean feat! Sam’s very good to me as he truly loves cats. I get three meals a day and unlike other humans Sam doesn’t shove me off everytime I land on him.

2 thoughts on “Whisky Without Soda

  1. My Dear Whisky, I thought you were named Whisky because you had such amazing long white ‘whiskers’, of course not as purrfect as my long BLACK whiskers, our human parents are so dumb. You look more like a ‘cocktail’ cat; – Guinness and, and, and soda!
    I do like your sister Cheeky, any possibility of a date? Alfeo

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