Prince Charles to Visit Bagni di Lucca

A great last-minute surprise! As part of the centenary celebrations of the British Institute the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles in the company of the Princess of Wales will tomorrow be paying a visit to Bagni di Lucca. He will be received by the Mayor and the President of the Montaigne Foundation.

The visit celebrates the centuries-old ties of the thermal town with Great Britain and commemorates one of Bagni’s most notable past residents, Ian Greenlees, who was director of the British Institute.

Highlights of the Prince’s stay in our beautiful spa town will be a visit to the library which has been prepared for its original function as the town’s Anglican Church. The reverend Farthingale will be conducting a church service at 11.30 am and Prince Charles will deliver a speech on the important relationship between Bagni di Lucca and Great Britain. Charles will also pay a visit to Professor Samuel Stych, 101 this year, who was a neighbour and friend of Ian Greenlees.


6 thoughts on “Prince Charles to Visit Bagni di Lucca

  1. Buckingham Palace have just announced that HRH Prince Charles has had to cancel his planned visit to BDL on 1st April 2017. It must be true because the Gnomes of Zurich have agreed to visit BDL, instead of Charles. Also BP (for some reason?) has confirmed Charles will definitely be in BDL on 1st of April 2018. Something to look forward too perhaps?

  2. Exactly just that ha ha ha well I did not dare announce this fact before midday but now it’s ok I was somewhat bemused but I did look at the Royal diary of this Italian trip and saw that this BDL visit was not included would have been just nice as after all Ian Greenlees did donate his amazing collection of books to the library as well as several paintings and his record collection too. So well done Francis but this dos not totally fool me at all well hardly!

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