The Dormouse’s Den

If one takes the Via Brennero on the Lima’s other side from Bagni di Lucca one comes across this shop.

‘La Tana Del Ghiro’ means ‘the dormouse’s den’ and has only recently opened for business. The subtitle ‘dal campo alla tavola’ means ‘from the field to the table’ so the food is surely guaranteed free from those debilitating and polluting transport costs which shamefully characterise so much of the foodstuffs we buy today.

It’s a place that sells local agricultural products and also has a restaurant. At the moment the Tana is just starting but the proprietors have assured me that by the summer they’ll have plenty of food stocked which comes from our area. This includes olive oil, honey, potatoes, jams, cheeses, maize flour, vegetables, fruit, pickled vegetables inlcuding onions, crostini sauce, tomato puree, chestnut and wheat flour and mushrooms.

The restaurant is only open for evening meals on some days but the ambience looks promising and certainly what will be served will be both genuine and local.

I gather one thing ‘La Tana del Ghiro’ won’t serve you with is dormice. Although popular with the ancient Romans I’m glad these delightful furry creatures, which spent a large part of their lives sleeping, won’t be on the shelves!

Do phone up the Tana before going there for a meal. Its phone number and email are:

Tel. 0583 805864 –

6 thoughts on “The Dormouse’s Den

  1. I have heard that squirrels are a feast and eaten in the UK apparently they taste of chicken but even though they cause a lot of damage and steal the from the bird table as well as run off with fat balls is still rather not eat them. Interesting venture in the UK again this has been happening now for several years also pick your own such as soon strawberry time yum yum. But ultimately we have to be grateful to our farmers worldwide as without them where would we be little starvlings lets face it we have tried to grow our own food but the success is never guaranteed whether due to weather too hot not enough water it is really so difficult to get the right balance and I applaud the hard work of farmers have a go and you will discover and appreciate farmers hard work more.

      • Hi Alexandra. I believe that there may have been an experiment some years ago at the ‘Pont De La Tour’ restaurant to cook a squirrel or two in an attempt to reduce the population of imported grey squirrels and add variety to the menu. (Un)fortunately it failed…

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