Road-Works (At Last!)

It may be extra funds coming in or just a final major work-job launched by the mayor, who within a few months will be seeking re-election in the local elections, but the road to our part of the world, is receiving some much needed improvements. Black tops are being laid on those sections to the Controneria which were notorious for their pot-holes:

And walls damaged by cars bumping into them or just by the vagaries of the weather

are being repaired.


It’s nice to see these things happening. Every little bit matters and I’m glad that us hill folk are not being forgotten.


6 thoughts on “Road-Works (At Last!)

  1. It is really great news as the walls looked in a really sorry state also this added to the danger of this particular road. It would in fact be great to have more edge of road guard rails as so many trees were decimated in that awful hurricane type storm and the risks and dangers abound. Also those metal structures need to be straightened as they are an eyesore as well as being frighteningly hazardous. Maybe as the road is being repaired I would suggest to replace a few more trees which need to be planted to make the road more user friendly.

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