Naomh sásta lá Pádraig!

From London to Longoio (and Lucca and Beyond) Part Two

Of the Celtic languages I only know Welsh but I’m sure no translation from Erse is required to tell you that the title of this post means ‘Happy Saint Patrick’s day’, today being the 17th of March, the date of the Saint’s death.


Together with Saint Brigit and Saint Columba, Saint Patrick forms part of the emerald island’s trilogy of patron saints. Saint Patrick himself was fond of the mystical number three and used the Irish national plant, the shamrock, to describe the Holy Trinity to the then pagan Irish.

Despite a thorough search in our garden this morning the nearest equivalent I could find was this!

03172016 032

The Lucchesia, too, has at least three important connections with Ireland and, indeed, with Saint Patrick.

First, is the magnificent basilica of San Frediano. The basilica was built by an Irish prince: Fridianus was the son of King Ultach of Ulster and his…

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