Cat-astrophe Avoided

Napoleon (my cat, not the French emperor…) began to move in a very slow-motion manner and not feel very hungry so that I started to get a bit worried about him. After all, Nap’s going to be eleven this year, which means sixty in terms of ‘cat years’.

I, therefore, took ‘Nap’ down to our local vet, Claudio, who has his place in Fornoli opposite the post office. Nap is a well-worn pillion passenger on my Scarabeo scooter:

Almost immediately the cause for Nap’s behaviour was found out. A giant abscess, perhaps as a result of an unwanted encounter with some wild feline yobo, under his left front paw-pit burst open covering part of the poor animal in blood. Nap’s a brave sort of fellow so he didn’t scream (or miaoogle) at all.

A clean-up followed and an antibiotic injection was administered. Nap was then ready to go home, Doctor Stefanini asked me (and Nap, of course) to return in four days’ time and tell him how the cat was proceeding.

I’m happy to say that Nap is recovering well and has started again to complain if he doesn’t get his breakfast (or lunch or dinner) – surely a good sign in any feline!

These are Claudio’s veterinary practice opening times:

You may also be interested in reading another post I’ve done about Claudio and his practice. It’s at:


6 thoughts on “Cat-astrophe Avoided

  1. Napoleon is a brave creature. I must say when we had Pallino in London a very similar event happened but this time is the absces was more visible on his back and it was a mere question of salt water bathes and then when it burst I then continued with salt water bathes and Savlon to heal the wound and disinfect an injection was also administered. It is quite a common thing this with cats. This too could have been quite serious had not a prompt intervention from our vet Claudio been carried out he is such a very caring vet. Thank you Claudio as potentially this could have been quite a serious matter if left unattended it was certainly a difficult moment. All’s well that ends well!

  2. Dear Napoleon, so sad to hear the news today about the abscess on your paw, but very pleased that you have a good doctor in Claudio and received good therapy, hopefully without not too many injections or vet equipment placed in the bum area!
    However the thought of you travelling to animal A&E as ‘pillion passenger on a scooter, no, no, no, has your human daddy Francis never heard of the ‘Catomedics’.
    We need to discuss this further and very soon, Alfeo ……

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