Attics in the Street

One of Bagni di Lucca’s most successful ventures is the quarterly ‘soffitte in tavole’ (attics in the street) sales of second-hand and antique items. There are also craft stalls.

The cornucopia of little treasures is well-filled. There’s everything from furniture to clothes, from old postcards to kitchen items, from ancient bed-warmers to canvases:

The weather last Sunday, although crisp, was sunny and the stalls were well-attended. I almost fell for a mandolin from Catania, Sicily as I thought it was thirty euros. I looked again and realised that it was three hundred instead. I managed to bargain it down to two hundred and I’m sure it was a bargain at that price – I just don’t go around with two hundred euros in my pocket. Instead, I managed to get an old Dinky toy for five euros, which can’t be bad.


The dates of the next ‘soffitte in strada’ are as follows:



See you there?




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