Still no Snow!

Hardly any rain or snow has fallen in our part of the world this January. Sometimes the weather forecasts rain the following day but it never comes! Will we have to pay for this drought? I wonder… I’m not looking forwards to February since the rain has to come sometime. One thing is certain, however: the night and mornings are very crisp. What were conditions like ten years ago in January 2007?

Casting my eye back at photographs from that period I can see plenty of snow and a young Napoleon (cat), not yet one year old, curious about the white stuff. What a difference then from the bare leafless hills surrounding us now:

4 thoughts on “Still no Snow!

  1. And still no snow my in our part of England, Northamptonshire.
    I to remember my cat’s very cautious first steps into the ‘white stuff’, and the return journey to home consisted of all four paws placed exactly in the paw prints of the exit journey.

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