A New Year Ten Years Ago in Val di Lima

How did we pass the start of the New Year a decade years ago? Memories reinforced by photographs give us intimations.

The New Year aperitif (‘Buon Anno’) was beautifully prepared by Sandra:

Our cat was ten years younger (and us too, of course):


We went to Barga to meet Italy’s favourite white witch, the Befana:

We visited the underground excavations under Lucca’s baptistery.

The circus was, of course, included:


The days were blue and sunny – snow had not yet fallen.


We had friends in 2007 which we longer have:

And some which we still have:


And we still have ourselves:



Darkling as a Tuscan forest, perfumed

with Venus’s scent, my darling, I had thrown

myself before your loveliness: consumed

by passion’s volcano I saw you alone.


Life’s end in eternity frightened me,

yet, reborn in concord of symphonies

untouched by strange waters, I wished you free

rejecting another suitor’s deaf pleas.


I know and know you not, Florentine girl

shimmering like night’s river; surrounded

by winter, your soul’s body shall unfurl

with mine and weave a single radiant thread.


And then our nights of love will shine as one

across the square’s lights to the future sun.


That poem refers to a party in Lowndes square, London, lost in the mists of time but sealed by a bond that has never left me through the mountains and valleys of life.





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