Take your Tablets

From London to Longoio (and Lucca and beyond) Part One

A visit, on a grey day, to an industrial estate in a seemingly drab town in the north Milanese conurbation to sort out problems with a tablet, perhaps bought too hastily in the local “Penny Market” discount store (they don’t change things there after two weeks), may not at first seize one with ecstatic thoughts about the delights of living in the “Bel Paese” but the great thing about Italy is that things can often turn out rather pleasantly different than one’s original conjectures.

From Florence we took a Freccia Rossa train which rushed us to Milan in just one hour and forty minutes. That’s for a distance of around three hundred kilometres so the average speed is approaching 180 kilometres per hour…

The Apennine tract from Florence to Bologna covers 78.5 kilometres and runs almost entirely through tunnels to the length of 73.3 kilometres. Started in 1996 and completed…

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