Another Side of Florence

Florence isn’t all renaissance palaces, griffre shops and beautiful paintings of course. There is another side to the city; it’s often near railway tracks or under flyovers. The fact is that an increasing number of people living in Italy are relying on markets and second-hand stalls to buy their food and clothes .They just can’t afford the prices charged in many places.

At the same time there are some great bargains to be had in these locations and there are some colourful characters to meet.

These photos were taken at such a lesser known Florentine sight outside the historic centre and near a railway track flyover. It seems a far cry from the guide-book city but it’s still Florence….

Nearby is an excellent period hi-fi shop even selling a Garrard SPII record deck (anyone remember those). Further away there’s another of these shops. The owner said that trade was good these day for such equipment.

I’m so glad things are being recycled this way in Italy. Such market-stall owners and shopkeepers should get more government incentives for doing such ecologically sound actions.

Of course, there’s nothing to beat central Florence at Christmas time:



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