‘La festa delle briciole’ literally means ‘the crumbs festival’. It’s a term sometimes applied to the third Sunday in advent which was last Sunday.

The festa delle briciole in Fornoli was organised by the Mammalucco association under the indefatigable direction of Marco Nicoli. I’m not altogether sure why it’s called the crumbs festival. Crumbs also apply to leftovers and surely it’s the time after Christmas that is a time of leftovers?

Anyway, the festa was a big success with its multifarious Santa Clauses arriving to Fornoli after having walked all the way from the Villa Buonvisi in the old part of Bagni di Lucca.They were well-fed and watered upon arrival at Piazzo Moro:

To see more on the Santa Clauses read Debra’s post at

Santas out walking

Very well attended, especially by children, there was a goodly variety of stalls:

and plenty of activities including horse and pony trap riding:

Bubble blowing on a big scale:


Playing old-tyme games:

Or just meeting up with friends for a chat.

It’s the fifth time this festa has happened. Long may it continue for, although it wasn’t exactly a warm day – even if the winter sun was doing its best – the festa delle briciole warmed everyone’s heart and helped us to prepare for an even more gladly expected Christmas.

Meanwhile it was so sad to realize last night that twelve people visiting the characteristic Christkindl markets in Berlin will never see Christmas again – to say nothing of the almost fifty who have been injured by the madness of one person.

We too have been injured, psychologically. Can these bastards strike anytime, anywhere, even in the middle of such a lovely family festival like the one we are approaching?

Meanwhile, the children are starving in places like Aleppo and Mosul. Truly, it is a modern-times massacre of the innocents….


PS The holly’s prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified and the red berries are the drops of blood that He shed because of the thorns. Holly is traditionally a male and Ivy is a female plant.

If you are into Celtic religion then the holly is a truly sacred bush..




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