One Car’s Christmas Present

Our little Fiat 500, (‘Sergeant Pepper Year’ vintage) also gets a Christmas present this year: a paint face-lift thanks to our friend Gabriele at Casauto.

I’ve already posted something about Casauto at

and the history of the Fiat 500 (Cinquina) at

and loads of posts of where we’ve been with it. (Just use the search button at the top of this post entering the word ‘Cinquina’.)

Let me assure you that this time the touching-up job was just to avoid getting rust spots on the carrozzeria (bodywork) of our little car in the often very damp climate of Val di Lima.

I wish we could also have the same effective ‘As Good As New Bodywork’ on ourselves’ too. How can we get that ’67 look again I wonder? For some people, like Scrooge, another Christmas is just another year older and barely an hour richer!

Anyway I suppose we could gaze at photos on how we looked in that fabulous year:

Which reminds me: have you visited the You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970 exhibition at the V and A if you are in London? It ends on 26 February 2017 and I’ve still got to write about this marvellous show which made us feel both young and old at the same time. How many prejudices did we have to fight against in those days! And yet, though so much has now been accepted and written into our daily lives, that horrible word bigotry has still a habit of sprouting new heads like a hydra….as witness a certain event in the UK this year – to say nothing of the worst carnage this new millenium is seeing near the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

How difficult it is to believe in the smallest fragment of positive philosophy today!


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