Am I Really Going Quackers?

Coincidences are always startling to some degree. But the one that happened to me yesterday was a real quacker!

I came back home to find that my camera, which had a shutter problem, had been returned from the repair factory to my very own front door by the courier instead of the often usual situation where one has to go down to the local bar in Bagni di Lucca because couriers often pretend not to know where I live. Since the camera was under guarantee there was even nothing to pay for it!

Later in the afternoon I received a call from the courier stating that he’d managed to put the parcel next to my door because he found the garden gate open. He also found my two Muscovy ducks, Flip and Flop, playing outside my house. He said he’d lifted them up and deposited them in the front garden before leaving and closing the door. I thanked him profusely.

Mystery. Have I really gone so far as to forget to close and lock the front gate?

Anyway, full marks for the kindness of a really helpful courier.

In the evening I received an email from a friend who lives in the wilds of middle England describing his bike-ride. ‘I am back in the land of notices’ he wrote and sent me these stating ‘Ducks at Play: please be sensitive – don’t mention plum sauce or l’orange’ placed near the waterway he’d cycled to.

Just before I travelled into dreamland I received a post from someone I’m very keen to follow. It’s from the excellent blogger, Mukul Chand from India, and is at The photo’s entitled ‘Enchanting Group of Ducks at the Harishchandra Ghat in Kashi’


Kashi= Varanasi (Benares) and the river is the  Holy Ganges

So on the same day three lots of ducks decided to have a game with me in three different countries. Or am I really going quackers?


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