Olives Galore

Olives this year, in our little part of the world, are giving a prodigious yield. Neighbours from Mobbiano have been to the frantoio (olive press) at Valdottavo twice already with 250 kilos of olives every time. They can’t believe it for a harvest like this has never happened to them before.

It needs ten kilos of olives to produce one litre of oil. I thought I’d done my olives two weeks ago but when I returned today the branches I’d picked barely two weeks ago were again sprouting more olives. It was astounding…..

What more could one wish to have: a deep  blue sky and  truly warm sun around mid-day and one’s own little supply of olive trees while all around the warmth of late autumn colours embrace and the lenticular clouds above fascinate with their patterns.

It takes very little to make one happy in this world. Truly the best things in life are free – or rather they are impregnated with freedom, far away from those horrible restraints that the world (and oneself) is constantly trying to impose upon life’s essential being. Liberty is there, truly, for the gathering, for the choosing….

Above silver leaves

a sky of late autumn blue:

hands filled with olives.

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