All the World’s a Stage

I was so impressed last June by the Bagni di Lucca Teatro Accademico amateur production of Christina Comencini’s Vite, an adaption of Due Partite (see my post on it at ) that when I received an invitation to join the ‘Ciak’ amateur dramatics group I hardly hesitated. After all, I have always loved the theatre throughout my life thanks to a brilliant English teacher who I am glad to know (despite his experiences in teaching me….) is still hale and hearty, but have never actually acted on stage, largely because as a youth I was just so shy and, moreover, stammered my way through those critical growing-up years..

A friend who goes by the stage name of Eugene Williams has given marvellous performances of such classics as Strindberg’s ‘The Father’; he just decided at some phase of his life to learn to tread the boards without any prior experience – except as a pop singer and writer – which he has since gained enormously. His inspiration and the fact that Shakespeare died four hundred years ago finally incited me to stand inside the proscenium arch.

Clearly, I could never achieve such an amazing achievement as Eugene did when he acted a virtually hour-long monologue (which Strindberg’s ‘The Father’ is) but I would like to have at least a little some experience on the stage. After all, I’ve been a sort of actor just by being a teacher most of my life where the desk was the stage and the (captive) audience were the students. So I realise the communicative energy that must be transmitted not just by the teacher but by the students themselves without which nothing could really be learnt.

The amateur dramatics course, which goes under the name of ‘Ciak’, has proved so far an excellent learning experience. With such experienced hands as Guendalina, Michela and Claudio Sassetti who concentrate in different aspects of theatrical art I don’ think I could go very wrong.


(One of our drama teachers at the course, actor and author, Guendalina Tambellini)


Without boring you too much we’ve done stagecraft lessons on voice projection, improvisation, positioning (spostamento) and action (azione), expression, intensity, space and speed of action and much more. Obviously, one has to be pretty fluent in Italian to get the full gist but a lot can be picked up just by watching the others.


(Claudio Sassetti, our voice projection teacher)

There’s even going to be a Christmas show by us specially written by our stage teachers at Bagni di Lucca’s Teatro Accademico on December 21st.  I am assured I’ll have a part specially written for me. Many of you will guess what we’re performing since it’s so close to Christmas!

If you are still in Bagni di Lucca keep that date free and come and see us become stars (I trust) before your very eyes!

Do also read my posts on Amateur Dramatics in Bagni di Lucca at:



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