Il Paese Dei Balocchi!

Toy town was back again in Bagni di Lucca Villa yesterday – a lovely day with warm sunshine, a good presence of children of all ages from 6 months to over 60’s, and plenty of entertainment.

The stalls were many and great and some of the stall holders selling their own hand-made goodies looked even greater.


A witch declared that I was a fast trout – taking the cue from Hogwarts’s academy, of course – after I passed a special exam in level 1 sorcery.


If you got fed up with the street scene then there was a helicopter to whisk you up to the dizzy heights above the town.

‘Il paese dei Balocchi’ is a celebration which can only grow in Bagni di Lucca. Cynics will declare it’s all a matter of ‘bread and circuses’  to sedate the often unhappy state in which too many people now find themselves in Italy but I think they’re just spoil sports.

For me the highlight was the ‘Girlesque’ marching band of highly talented girls with great musical skills and racy choreography. It was girl power at its best.

If you missed yesterday’s fun and games there’s still today!


Truly, as Wordsworth said ‘the child is father to the man’.



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