Luigi Polito’s Butterflies are Back!

Luigi Polito s exhibition of beautiful photographs of butterflies associated with the Pisan Mountain is back again. This time it’s on show in Ghivizzano. Attached to the art and framing firm ‘Ars Nova’ I’ve described at is the new gallery inaugurated by Kety Bastiani where you may see the photographs.

I’ve already described Polito’s work in my post at but if you missed it when it was at the atrium of Bagni di Lucca’s town hall now’s your chance to see it.

Should the exhibition room be closed just knock at the front entrance of ’Ars Nova’ during working hours and you will be let in. It’s a good idea to phone 0583 77012 beforehand too.

The variety and number of butterflies in our Apennines and the Pisan Mountain is truly amazing including some varieties which are all but extinct in the UK; for example the high brown fritillary and the large blue. It’s sadto realise that over 76% of UK butterflies are declining due to unecological farming practices. Happily in our area of Italy they are still fluttering around as this delightful exhibition, photographed with real care shows.

PS The following photographs are repertoire and not included in the exhibition. I’ve added them so that you too can be able to spot these rare species.

index(An Italian High Brown fritillary)

index2(An Italian Large Blue)


PS Do hurry to see the exhibition as it closes on the 24th of this month!


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