Rain at Last!

Rain at last and lots of it!

Yesterday afternoon, through the evening and the night it came with a thunderous vengeance after having apparently left our part of the planet since last June. Italy is not a country of compromises, at least as far as the weather is concerned. There were huge ‘nubifragi’ (cloudbursts) bringing large part of the big cities like Rome and Naples to a splashing stop. Railway lines were cut and roads blocked by the usual landslides and soil-spills. Terrible damage has already been done to vines and other crops in the south-eastern part of Italy and the remaining ex-house owners of flattened Amatrice and the surrounding areas are squelching in mud around their ‘temporary’ tents. O if only the Sibylline Mountains that surrounded them had uttered their seismic prophecies in time so that some arcane medium could have interpreted the ancient signs.

Why is the weather becoming so extreme in Italy? Or has it always been like this? We can, of course blame planet warming and climate change but the reasons are rather more subtle: the weather forecast has become more and more of a gamble and has changed from day to day.

What will today bring for example?

One thing is certain, however, lawns will re-generate, flowers will be brighter and fresher, ducks happier and the mountains greener, once those morning misty clouds have cleared. Italian storms are violent but, perhaps, like the Italian character they don’t last for days in a dull drizzle like those of more northern climes.

What will the autumn be like I wonder? It’s only four days to that solstice. Plenty of wild mushrooms I’m sure, however and the Vendemmia doesn’t look too bad either.

9 thoughts on “Rain at Last!

  1. UK has had a similar battering landslides earth movements in fact Watford Junction pivotal point for Wales and Scotland was affected badly halted in fact for a few hours causing chaos but as you rightly stated an aftermath of drizzly ensued for hours. Still it has refreshed and cleansed the air birds are chirping again bees still buzzing butterflies enjoying honeydew of summer and pesky flies doing their damage. The grassy lawns once more are in full health very green harvest is in full swing time for thanksgiving.

  2. Dear Francis,
    ‘The Thunder and Lighting and the Sun Gods
    And your God of Love’.
    From the poem ‘The Honourable Cat’, by Paul Gallico.
    I love it that we are not masters of our universe, nor the Lightening and the Sun Gods.
    Jane and Alfeo, we tread gentling over the earth.

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