Three-in-One in our Valley

Three traditional rituals are shortly to take place this month in our valley to suit all tastes of religious persuasion

On Thursday 15th from about 8 pm there will be dancing and singing at Baba Cesare’s Ashram near Guzzano. (See my post on him at ). Baba invites all devotees and all those who are on their life journey’s search to attend. Baba, as many will know, is a devotee of Lord Shiva (Trans: ‘the auspicious one’) and will shortly leave for his ashram in Hampi, India.



Starting on Friday 16th but climaxing on Sunday is the ‘Festa Della Madonna Addolorata’ at Gombereto. Sunday’s programme will include Holy Mass at 4.30 pm followed by a procession around the village. The excellent philharmonic band from Marlia will perform a concert and abundant refreshments will be served. I’ve often described this deeply-felt celebration in previous posts. See, for example:



On Saturday 17th from 3 pm to 8 pm at Ennio Manfredi’s ‘Campo Natura Stella del Mattino’ (to reach follow the track up from where you can get good drinking water from the Refubbri stream on the way from Bagni di Lucca to Guzzano) there will be a Celtic celebration in praise of the full moon conducted by ordained priests and priestesses and following ancient rites of protection from evil and negative spirits.


Activities include walks to fountain sources, games, refreshments and aperitifs, community and drum circles (do bring a musical instrument like a flute or drum if you have one) all set in a convivial and friendly setting in the depths of the wonderful woods surrounding us.


Hoping to see those of you who are in the area participating in at least one of these beautiful events.

PS If you are a practising atheist, tough luck – there are no specific events for you – although you could always follow this person’s religion…




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