Your Path to the Paradise Garden

Today’s the last day you’ll be able to visit this year’s Lucca’s ‘Murabilia’ garden festival. It’s open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm and is quite unmissable if you happen to love flowers and gardening and, of course, if you happen to be in Lucca too!

Together with springtime’s ‘Verdemura’ it is one of the two premier Lucchesi events dealing with horticulture and gardening. ‘Murabilia’ takes place on the ramparts and bulwarks on the south side of the city near the station and ‘Verdemura’ takes place on the northern walls close to where one enters into the city from Bagni di Lucca.

Both locations are superb with wonderful views over the Lucchesia and the opportunity to explore the underground passages of the city walls where several interesting exhibitions take place.

This year’s Murabilia theme is ‘seeds, the origin of life’ and the entry ticket (7 euros but only 3 for under fourteens and over sixty-fives.) includes admission to many interesting talks and shows. Full details are at the event’s web site at

There are flowers, seeds and bulbs to buy to suit all tastes:

Murabilia is not just about flowers although it’s possible to come back with cartloads of varieties as special trolleys are provided. Garden machinery and craft stalls abound and there are also competitions.

As an added bonus entry to the botanical gardens is free. For the festival, appropriately, there’s an exhibition showing how seed collection became a mania in the eighteenth century, particularly with such luminaries as Sir Joseph Banks who did so much to establish London’s Kew gardens as one of the world’s major seed banks.

I was quite attracted to the stall set up by secondary school children demonstrating how to make polyhedrons (structures fundamental to nature). They clearly had a very good maths teacher and I managed to make my own seven-pointed star.

‘Let Nature be your teacher’ as Billy Wordsworth so acurately wrote!


2 thoughts on “Your Path to the Paradise Garden

  1. Lovely star. Now the seed theme is very interesting and each year I earnestly try to gather as many seeds as possible for replanting next year I especially adore marigold and this year I am privileged to collect some from a neighbours giant marigold we also have sun flower seeds and so many other varieties of flowers it does all go to help keep down the garden budget as it can escalate somewhat. Cuttings also are my favourite vehicle for gathering and hopefully propagating plantlings time and timing of course are of the essence in this endeavour good luck especially a green thumb police verde green fingers does indeed help. Last year we were taught hydrangea propogation at the neighbouring Botanical Gardens and I can report success with a healthy plant to eventually plant in our garden. Gardening is sure a worthwhile hobby even in small areas but the wind sun and rain frost snow and ice can all be our hobbies worst enemies. Still don’t give up keep on weeding try a good little patch of a kitchen garden it is good therapy and can be very rewarding providing there are good results. A good healthy pursuit. Blackberries are plentiful now for beast bird and humans go on enjoy them it is all Nature’s bounty.

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