Light Boxes at Bagni di Lucca Villa

There’s an absolutely unmissable artistic event being inaugurated at the ground-breaking Shelley House bookshop and gallery today in Bagni di Lucca Villa. At 5.00 pm the incredible back-lit photographs of Andrea Bartolucci will be inroduced to the public by Andrea and will remain on view until the 1st of October.


Taking objects in various states of dilapidation or decay Bartolucci creates objects of beauty out of them. For once my own preview photographs remain even more unable to capture the arcane eerieness of these artistic creations.

It’s part of the stereotype mass-media kultur that is forcibly imposed upon so many of us that we regrettably reach the stage where we can only see beauty if it is approved as being beautiful. There is beauty in degeneration, decay, decrepitude or just growing older. Let us not be blinkered in our vision of beauty.

After all as John Keats said when gazing at an antique Grecian urn

“Beauty is truth, truth, beauty”

Visit the exhibition if you can. It’s open from Thursday to Saturdays from 10 to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm,

Andrea Bartolucci’s web site is at



3 thoughts on “Light Boxes at Bagni di Lucca Villa

  1. My Babbo who had a photography hobby semi professional and professional thereafter and had experimented over 60 years ago with light boxes he developed and printed all his own work in his dark room. He made slides for conferences copying from books for interesting conferences on various fascinating subjects. His work was also published in several books such as the Italian Embassy Book London about various paintings. Once he was commissioned to take a 16mm film of the Trooping of the Colour I was then his little assistant it was very exciting as we had a very excellent view of this amazing event for the Queen’s official Birthday Celebrations.

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