Camigliano’s Choral Festival


On Saturday, September 24th at 9.15 pm in the parish church of Camigliano (Capannori) there’s the second evening of the 38th Camigliano Choral festival promoted by the “Giacomo Puccini” choir of Camigliano under the patronage of the Municipality of Capannori and the financial contribution of the Cassa di Lucca foundation. Guests will be the C.A.I. choir from Frosinone (see photo) directed by Giuseppina Antonucci. It is a thirty-strong mixed voice choir who will present a programme of songs by Bepi De Marzi inspired by the beauty of the mountains and popular tradition. The second guest group comes from Vaiano (Prato). It’s the “Quarta Eccedente” choir directed by Fabio Cavaciocchi who will present a varied programme including sacred music, spirituals and popular songs.

The Puccini choir, directed by Luigi Della Maggiora will be hosts and sing traditional songs, creating an interesting evening for choir lovers. It’s another attraction of the Camigliano festival which is an important event both for its continuity (thirty-eight uninterrupted years), the quality of the participating groups and for the territory’s cultural and tourist promotion. Free admission.









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