Over the Rainbow

Yesterday, another national day of mourning for Italy as twenty eight of the two hundred and thirty one killed by the earthquake in Amatrice received their last rites, as the local people had wanted, in their own town instead of the unwished-for arrangement at Rieti.

To-date there are two hundred and ninety two victims of the area’s earthquake and several people more remain still missing.

Of all the many moving images from yesterday there were two that stand out in my mind:

The cocker spaniel by the coffin of his master and friend, killed in the earthquake:


The letter written by the firefighter to the little girl he valiantly tried to save but arrived too late.


So many lives lost, so many young lives lost in the fullness of their awakening promises:

It finally rained yesterday after weeks of drought. The heavens were truly weeping and I was hoping a new sign might appear in the sky. I’m sure it will.


I could only think of one song yesterday and one singer whose life, too, was tragically cut short.




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