Benabbio’s Beauties

There’s yet another exhibition to feast one’s eyes in Bagni di Lucca Villa. The ‘L’ora Blu’ photographic group has selected some beautiful, mainly black and white, photographs from Benabbio.

08252016 069

It’s not often realised that Benabbio has some of the greatest artistic treasures of any Val di Lima village. First is the Romanesque parish church dedicated to the Assumption of the virgin and consecrated in 1339. Its most valuable works of art are now housed in an adjoining museum which was once the oratorio of the most Holy Trinity. (See my post at for more on that museum.)

Benabbio also has its own theatre, the Eden (dating from 1780,) where such celebrities as Zacconi and Totò appeared and also where the princess of Lucca, Elisa Baciocchi, was part of its audience.

The castle of the Lupari has been the subject of recent intensive archaeological research by Pisa university. This has revealed its massive walls within which is the church of San Michele dating from 1218. Benabbio also has many amiable corners, its ‘Lucciola’ night-spot and an excellent eating place!

Famous people have been born in Benabbio including poet Pascoli’s Latin master Francesco Cianelli and its own most famous poet, Antonio Viviani, who held a position at the Napoleonic court in Rome. (For more on Benabbio’s famous people see my post at ).

Anyway we are here to celebrate Benabbio’s charms and these are a selection of the photographs on view:

My own favourite is this one:

08252016 058







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