Italy’s National Day of Mourning

Today for Italy it is a national day of mourning for the victims of the terrible earthquake in Rieti province and beyond.

Here is a screen shot from RAI 1, the main Italian TV station, this morning. It shows a tent city erected near to a destroyed town to house some of the thousands of survivors who will not have a home to sleep in for some unknown time to come. You’ll also notice the black ribbon of bereavement at the top left which will remain there all day on our TV screens. Also, all day there will be no commercial advertisements shown.

08272016 013

I cannot remember these things ever having happened before. But then I have not lived long enough in Italy to be witness to such a horrific natural disaster


4 thoughts on “Italy’s National Day of Mourning

  1. Horrendous comparison this quake has been compared to the Hiroshima bomb in terms of the energy released from this earthquake event tremors from beneath the earths crust over a thousand in fact are still being experienced it is all so strange. Well I feel that the dedicated farmers have been hardest hit in the area as their cattle sheds have been damaged their creatures were without food and water for several days however all is in working order now except however their cattle sheds. In fact one farmer wants to sell his cattle to rebuild I would suggest that help should be forthcoming immediately to shore up cattle sheds or rebuild them. Furthermore my favourite peorino cheese this lady need help as she is not abandoning her sheep but now as her hamlet cannot be reached as roads are unpassable I would suggest that these mature cheeses be brought to nearby towns for sale. Only give donations of monies now as enough bedding clothes etc have reached the striken area it has been requested to only give monetary donation via official nos 45500 or Red Cross. Sad to state but rogue companies are at work jeopardising the good honest work.

    • Again the repercussions are complex. I’m concerned about all animals including wild life, quite apart from the disruption to local occupations of which agriculture forms a major part.

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