Roberto Bellucci’s Fantasy World

The three ingredients in his art, according to Roberto Bellucci are sand, stone and fantasy. Bellucci’s exhibition in the foyer of the Bagni di Lucca’s town hall displays these elements to perfection. Inaugurated on 13th August, today is the last day to view his work.

08252016 054

I thought immediately that Bellucci must have had something to do with the opificio delle pietre dure in Florence – the restoration laboratory which specialises in artistic creation using semi-precious stones. But I was wrong. Roberto seeks his own inspiration and is not tied to any academic institution.

If you are able to make it for today’s last day please do so. Bellucci’s work is a delight which is both complex, quirky and full of fantasy. His compositions grow organically out of the materials he uses whether they are semiprecious stones or pebbles from the river.

If you can’t make it then here is a selection of what you will miss:

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