Fin-de-Siecle Florentine Social Housing

No, this isn’t another great Florentine palazzo. It’s what in England would be called a council estate and in Italian ‘case popolari’. It looks noble and the flats all have running water and inside toilets – an unusually  pioneering effort for the start of the twentieth century.

08112016 009

In the UK the neo-Georgian style was considered appropriate for twenties and thirties council estates and they still look elegant to this day.


Not so with the brutalist flats put up in the sixties and seventies which have only had to be demolished to stop social decay through vandalism, drugs and violence.


In Florence the renaissance style was once considered fitting for social housing. I sometimes wish it still was.

I’m not telling you exactly where to find this marvellous estate. I’ll just let you discover your own example of good examples of social housing on your next visit to Florence.

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