Adieu Mr Brown…

I’d only recently written a post on him (see ) but barely a month after Signor Marroni closed his ironmonger’s shop and announced his retirement (at age 89!) he had departed to higher pastures.

This was truly love for his work and in a small town like Bagni di Lucca the loss of someone so well-known and well-liked seems so much more upsetting.

Last Saturday I attended the end of the funeral service, conducted by Don Rosi, and signed the condolences book.

Funerals are truly the most sobering events in one’s life. How petty all our ambitions seem, how stupid we are in pursuing pet hates, how missing the moment of happiness because of worrying about the future, how insignificant we all are in the end.  Truly ‘the paths of glory lead but to the grave’.

Bagni di Lucca’s beautifully situated cemetery deserves a visit now and again to remind us of this fact.

Anyway, yesterday we said goodbye for ever to yet another shopkeeper and friend from Bagni di Lucca, Villa.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more.



5 thoughts on “Adieu Mr Brown…

  1. Yes, we have had similar in Vergemoli and the walk from the local church to the graveyard seemed especially poignant. There is only so much time on this earth and how sad that your friend had so little time. Can you e mail us Francis? Annie and Graham

  2. Yes, it is really sad to lose our friends. So many of the lovely old people who used to gather at the local bar when I first arrived in Bagni di Lucca have now gone. Others move up to take their place, but it is never the same.

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