It’s Beach-Time!

Yesterday was a perfect day at the beach – just the place to escape from the torrid temperatures our part of the world has been experiencing for some days now as a result of Caronte (Charon) the African anti-cyclone. On the news we hear that twenty Italian cities are already on high temperature alert with the thermometer rising to above forty degrees centigrade. The advice is (naturally) to drink plenty of water. We did that and also stayed in the water!

The beach at our favourite ‘wild’ spot was a bit more crowded than last time when the red flag was flying (meaning that it was dangerous to venture far out into the waves). The sea was quite placid with light waves and a gentle breeze was blowing across the coast.

It’s lovely that in the tourist packaged Versiliana coast there is still time for old practices to continue. For example, there were these cockle and mussel fishermen only a few feet away from the sun-tanners, lilos and umbrellas.


The usual medley of wandering sellers with their cries of ‘gelati’, ‘acqua minerale’, ‘bomboloni’ also continued an old tradition of beach-vending. In addition, there was an impressive market stall wending its way across the sands:


There was also quite a variety of flora and fauna to observe for this stretch of the beach forms part of a natural park. Sea and dunes form a foreground to the impressive Apuan alps:


Here’s a young gull. Was he/she lost?


The sunset, as usual, was brilliant.

07212016 038

Here’s the end of it on our way back past Massaciuccoli:

07212016 046

A truly great time on our little stretch of beach – not too baking hot a day and not too choppy a sea and not too crowded a beach.

We must return soon!


2 thoughts on “It’s Beach-Time!

  1. Francis, no mention of buckets and spades! No grand ‘palazzi’ constructed out of sand?
    Or is this only possible on a cold, wet, and windy Mablethorpe beach, the sea a mile out.
    – Fairy-tale sandcastles, decorated with shells, and the following day washed away by the tide.

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