Little Luciano

When going to a concert at Pieve a Elici (see my post at it’s best to make at least an afternoon of the trip there, particularly as there isn’t an eatery near to the sublime Romanesque church.

In addition, it’s worth visiting the nearby village of Luciano which is an absolute delight. Dating back to Roman times where a certain centurion, Lucianus, had a farm there as a reward for services rendered to the army, it’s a small conglomeration of houses and villas with splendid views both towards the Tyrhennian Sea and the Apuan mountains behind them.

Several famous persons sojourned at Luciano including poet Carducci, Patriot Luigi Farina, artist Michele Marcucci (1846-1926), who also contributed to the apse frescoes at the Elici Pieve, and even the great novelist Alessandro Manzoni.

A walk around this tiny village is most enjoyable if you have time to spare after your dinner and before the start of the concert at the Pieve of Elici. And if you have even more time there are many more delightful villages to visit in this area: Bargecchia and Bozzano just for starters.




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