Britain’s P.M. Continues in Office

Contrary to what has been read in the papers (never believe what they tell you anyway – except, of course, our own Tuscan ‘Il Tirreno’ and ‘La Nazione’ dailys) Britain’s P.M. has retained his job at 10 Downing Street, London. As you’ll know the P.M.’s main job is to reflect and execute the will of the British people and to combat a never-ending battle against fraudsters, corruptors and rat-faces.

This, despite press commentaries to the contrary, our British P.M. has done excellently and I am glad to state that reports of an expulsion from the hallowed terraced house in Westminster have been greatly exaggerated.

He may be no lamb and sometimes he’s been accused of laziness and failure to execute his duties but his foreign policy, especially towards US presidents, has been both positive and effective.


(Courtesy Daily Telegraph)

P.M. Larry (P.M. in case you were ignorant enough not to know, stands for ‘Prime Mouser’) will effect continuity in British politics while all the rest of those boring (and sometimes catatonic) bipeds he has to put up with petting him with are playing meowsical chairs and being generally cattish with each other.

(Courtesy Daily Telegraph)

Thank the Lord (and the Battersea Dogs and Cats home) that there are still some sensible felines around who keep their four paws firmly on the ground and maintain the cattery country they have been bold enough for so many centuries free from vermin.

Incidentally, our own P.M. (yes Longoio and our house in Italy have a similar office) is carrying out his duties with exemplary care as witness this proof of his latest brave deed.

In both cases possible cat-astrophic results have surely been avoided. Meow! (or Mayiou?)

07102016 027

(Carlotta, our first female P.M., on guard beside that dreaded drain!)




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