Early Morning at Villa Fiori’s Extempore Painting

Early last Sunday morning competitors from all parts of Italy were choosing their views, setting up their easels, arranging their brushes and sorting out their palettes. It’s one of Bagni di Lucca’s big days: the extempore painting competition, now in its ninth year, where in the space of a few hours artists paint a picture related to the multiplicity of beautiful views around Ponte a Serraglio.

07102016 015

(Villa Fiori still looking for an Azure Prince)

The priority, however, above all else was to find a shady and sequestered spot, for the day promised to be torrid – fine if you want to have your paints dry quickly, not so good if you want to keep a cool head!

(Setting up essential supplies – the bar and the seating for lunch)

I’d be quite contented just to be able to paint the lovely bark on this plane tree in the villa’s gardens:

07102016 021

Here are some shots of yesterday’s early morning. By six pm all entries had been delivered, arranged on easels, adjudicated and prizes allocated.

But to know the winners you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

If you too love painting either creating or just looking at one I hope you had a fine Sunday too. And maybe next year join us at Ponte a Serraglio?

07102016 006

(Morena Guarnaschelli (right) plus assistant.Without her indefatigable enthusiasm this event would never have taken off in the marvellous way it has done.)

3 thoughts on “Early Morning at Villa Fiori’s Extempore Painting

  1. It was sizzling hot even in the shade and I was sweating badly so I gave the event a miss but hopefully will take part on the very important year 10 a special year as this marks a decade of this competition. I have actually taken part seven years in overly hot days and it is very exhausting indeed but we have produced a booklet with beautifully crafted poems by the talented poet Francis Pettitt and which is on sale at villa Shelley house. As usual in this competition there are many different levels involved in the body of work and this should be reflected by the judges. The abilities range from the naïf to the well accomplished artist this fact should be taken into account not just for the kids. The winners had mixed views from the audience which always differ from whom we expect to actually win as each has their favourites.

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