Four Artists at Bagni di Lucca’s Sala Rosa

There are four artists I have not yet mentioned at the current exhibition at the Sala Rosa of Bagni di Lucca’s Circolo dei Forestieri. Although they are certainly not part of an artistic group their paintings do make interesting contrasts in the hall.

07032016 017

Anna Garibotti’s love of painting stems from an early age but was only able to be fulfilled after a standard professional career. She’s now been painting for a good ten years and her work has been displayed in such venues as the Villa Bottini in Lucca, the city where she is resident, and Barga’s Galleria Comunale.

In case you’ve seen the surname before in Bagni di Lucca, Anna is the sister of distinguished lawyer Alessandro Garibotti who, in turn is the husband of that doyenne of local historians, Natalia Sereni, whose brother was a very successful mayor of Barga.

Anna was kind enough to give me a guided tour around her pictures:

This is an evocative view of the Pieve di Loppia, that majestic Romanesque building which one sees on the way up to Barga from Fornaci.

07032016 020

There is an enigma about this view of a mysterious boy gazing out onto a scene of floral exuberance. The veiled curtain I thought was particularly effective and added to the picture’s conundrum.

07032016 023

This is a view which is well-known to anyone who’s been to or lives in Ponte a Serraglio!

07032016 022

The brush strokes across this canvas reminded me of a strong wind or even a snowstorm.

07032016 028

This painting is titled ‘metamorphosis’. I interpreted it as a way that our view of the sea is constantly changing also through such developments as oil and gas platforms (whose presence were the feature of a recent referendum here – annulled because less than half the people voted. I wish the same could have been said of Brexit…).

07032016 024

I found the winter scene at Lucca’s porta San Jacopo particularly evocative. (The trompe-l’oeil half-frame is also quite a witty feature).

07032016 027

The placing of a smaller canvas on top of a larger own shows that Garibotti is open to some unconventional techniques:

07032016 025

Again, the fact that the picture in this canvas gets cropped in a horizontal manner in this view of Lucca’s towers shows that the painter’s visions are never as straightforward as they might at first seem.

07032016 026

I loved these paintings of walls which, although reminding me of certain Rosai-type country lane-scapes around Florence, are, in fact, to be found within Lucca’s old town.

The other painters are Francesco Andreozzi and Alvaro Bei painters and Maurizio Guidi sculptor. You’ve just got until 14th of July to visit their creations.

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