Classic Women

The classic car rally last Sunday at Bagni di Lucca was a delight. The cars collected themselves in the main square before heading off to the hills.

I thought of the great Rupert Davies (remember Maigret?) and La Place Pigalle – that place of seductive corruption – when I saw this Citroën Traction Avant:

Mr Bean would have loved this one:

07042016 033There’s nothing so beautiful as a truly classic car. Perhaps some women perhaps…  They do both have several things in common, however: lovely curves, flashy looks, elegant acceleration, a love of visiting exciting places, a desire for a little money to be spent on them, absolutely no need to be traded in for a new model because they’ll always be number one! They can also be your best friend or your worst nightmare, depending on how you treat them. They both look fabulous when clad in leather, and, most of all, they have a warm and throbbing heart when they are ignited by true love.

Enough of this – just to mention that the Citroen DS gets pronounced ‘Déese’ in French which means ‘goddess’ in that language. So I can’t be that far off…


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