Dacca 2016

Italy is in mourning today for almost half of the victims of the islamist atrocity in Dacca were Italian and over half of them were women.

This is Italy’s worst civilian islamist terrorist attack and the fact that it happened in what was once part of the British empire makes no difference whatsoever. Terrorism is worldwide…

Let us remember the names of the Italians killed and pray for them for they all loved their work, the country of their origin, their family and the beautiful land they were helping to develop into a better life:

1. Adele Puglisi, 50, in textiles and fashion, Catania
2. Nadia Benedetti, 52, in textiles and fashion, Viterbo
3. Cristian Rossi, 47 anni, in textiles and fashion, father of two three-year old twins, Friuli
4. Marco Tondat, 39, in textiles and fashion, Cordovado Friuli.
5. Claudia Maria D’Antona, 56, Turin, voluntary medical worker,
6. Simona Monti, 33 , pregnant, Rieti, in textiles and fashion
7. Vincenzo D’Allestro, 46, Campania, in textiles and fashion.
8. Maria Riboli, 34, Valle Cavallina, in textiles and fashion, mother of three year old daughter
9. Claudio Cappelli, 45, Monza, business person

R. I. P.

Francis Pettitt's photo.

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