A Purrfect Day

Hello I’m Whisky, Sam’s black and white cat. (PS Note how my name is spelled: whisky without the’ e’, which is only given to those liquids distilled in the USA and Ireland). My sister Cheeky lives with Francis and Sandra.  Here she is having a well-deserved afternoon cat-nap after catching a mouse in the morning. (She’s showing a bit of procatstination about what to do next, I’m sure).

06232016 033

We’re twins and are both almost two years old now. I’m not sure if I like my sister very much. When we had to go to the vet to get our feline injections at the beginning of our lives we started a boxing match with each other on the vet’s table. I won, of course!

Anyway, I’d like you to help me get into the Guinness book of records because I think the age difference between me and my master/slave is over ninety-eight years. Now can any cat (or master-slave) beat that difference I wonder? It’s pretty clawsome! (If they can will they purrlease let me know.)

Actually, the real point of my little note to you is to remind you that on July 15th at 12.45 at the Circolo dei Forestieri, Bagni di Lucca, there’s going to be a lunch with my friend Sam Stych to celebrate his centennial upon planet earth. That’s right. Sam’s going to be one hundred years old. That’s quite miaownificent!

If you’re in the area you’re definitely welcome but paw-lease advise the Circolo management that you’re coming, either in person, or on  0583 805558 or on their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/circolodeiforestieri/. I’m sure you won’t need too much purrsuasion to show a paw.

Each one goes Dutch (or ‘alla Romana’) which won’t be difficult as a great lunch can be had there for just eleven euros including wine and coffee.

Now aren’t I a good cat secretary for Sam? No cat-astrophic spelling mistakes here I’m sure! Perhaps that should go in the Guinness book of records too. It could be quite a big meowment for me…

4 thoughts on “A Purrfect Day

  1. Hello Signore Whisky,
    Miss Amy and I were very impressed by your blog informing us of the difference in age between yourself and your master/slave Sam. – The thing is Sam is a very wise and elderly man, but your employment with him and your employer are not going to last forever! We worry about your future; – do you have a private pension/veterinary care plan?
    So we though we would like you to be the first to know of a very prestigious opportunity that has recently become available at 10 Downing Street in London, England.
    Larry a brown and white cat of this address; – chief mouser to the cabinet office will shortly be made redundant of his position.
    The post will require good leadership skills, an understanding of humanity, addressing the distribution of wealth, and our relationship to animal welfare.
    Go for it boy, fight again for a unified europe!
    Alfeo and Miss Amy.

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