Mr Brown Closes Shop

It’s always sad when a shop closes down in Bagni di Lucca, especially if that shop has been there for half a century.

Signor Marroni (Mr Brown in English…) has ever been a courteous shopkeeper always keen to satisfy his client’s requests and give advice on house repair matters. I’ve used his hardware shop for such items as paints, nuts and bolts, nails and various D. I.Y tools.


Finally, Mr Marroni has decided to close shop for the last time and the ‘liquidazione’ signs on it clearly mean ‘closing down.’


There will be other hardware shops and stores within reasonably easy striking distance but none of them will be able to replace the personal service and the politeness so characteristic of these increasingly rare shops, so many of which have closed down in the last few years. (I still remember the one in Ponte, for example).

We wish Mr Marroni a long and happy retirement although we realise that closing his shop will clearly take so much away not just from Bagni di Lucca’s life but also from his own abiding interest.


7 thoughts on “Mr Brown Closes Shop

  1. This sadly reminds me of the demise of several such local shops such as Skillmans and Conmax both serving the public diy enthusiasts as well as builders suppliers these too were unique in the realms of personal service unlike those oh so impersonal as well as dispersive chain store suppliers to the public of useful diy items. Well I too wish il Signor Marroni a happy retirement.

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