Diecimo’s Earthly Paradise

A new garden centre has opened up on the right hand side of the road going from Diecimo to Lucca. It’s called ‘Il Paradiso terrestre’ (the earthly paradise). Actually it’s more than a garden centre and is what in Italy is called an agraria i.e. agricultural centre. This means that one can buy gardening implements, fertilizers and even pet foods.

The range is quite extensive and the centre is well-laid out.

The staff, consisting of Roberto and Maria, is helpful. On my visit I was able to get a good leccio olive tree for a very reasonable price to replace one that has mysteriously died in our field.

The ribbon development on the main road outside Diecimo may not be aesthetically pleasing but the shops along it do at least have this one advantage: that one can easily find parking in front of them.

Along this same stretch one can also find a good restaurant ’Di cotte e di Crude’ (which I’ve described at https://longoio2.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/the-raw-and-the-cooked/) and some of the best pastries in the area at the Bar Guidi next to the Q8 petrol/gas station.

Il Paradiso terrestre has a web site (just in Italian) at



2 thoughts on “Diecimo’s Earthly Paradise

  1. I will surely check this out, but with a heavy heart. We have always used another agraria also in Diecimo, but on the left hand side heading out towards Lucca. I have never known the name, but there is a very helpful Scottish lady there (Anna) who will always guide those of us whose Italian is not sufficient to cope with some of the more esoteric garden instruments. As in “I need one of those little hand tools with a spade on one side and a fork on the other”. Next door is a mini nursery (very good value olive trees) with extensive pet shop and hunting/fishing supplies. I would be loath to lose either to more modern and up to date competition!

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