Living in a Cloud

The past few days have seen much of Italy immersed in unseasonable clouds and rain. A depression called ‘Le Valkyrie’ coming from the north has collided with hot African air. Not surprisingly this has created a very unstable weather pattern. It’s supposed to last for a few more days and then finally the summer heat will descend upon us.

06022016 032

Actually, I don’t quite mind this sort of damp weather. Looking at my orto (allotment) yesterday I realised that everything was growing quickly (including the weeds!) and a bit of rain was something the poor plants needed, the other being a spot of sunshine!

At least I don’t have to water them every day and I am glad that I cut the grass just before the showers plunged upon us. The extra water reservoir we had excavated last year has never been fuller.

06022016 013

The fruit trees also seem to be getting off to a very good start with apples and pears beginning to develop.

The olives show a promise of a good harvest this year.

The rain fell unusually lightly yesterday – no Italian style diluvian pouring. It reminded me of what the Irish call ‘soft’ weather and I quite enjoyed feeling the light drops falling upon me. It was a bit like living in a cloud, and the landscape with its mild temperatures made me think of tropical rain forests – perhaps the foothills of the Colombian Andes.

No doubt when the heat hits us everyone will be complaining about it and thinking nostalgically back to these early June mist-laden mornings.


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