Pisan Butterflies

The latest exhibition in the atrio (foyer) of Bagni di Lucca’s Town hall fits in beautifully with the current season. It’s a photographic display of butterflies by Luigi Polito.

06012016 016

The exquisite wing patterns of the beautiful butterflies, which include many species well-known also in the UK like the Peacock (same name in Italian=pavone) are emphasised by a shallow focal depth reducing the background to an undistracting, almost abstract blur.

06012016 020

The butterflies were photographed on the Monte Pisano, that huge hill that separates Lucca from Pisa. I’ve done a few walks on the Monte and always been surprised by the variety of flora and fauna it harbours. Rather gentler than the Apennines, the Monte Pisano will merit a visit in the near future just for its butterflies so marvellously photographed by Polito.

It’s so much better to photograph live butterflies than to catch them and kill them, sticking them in a case. I do hope that more people will realise that photographing fauna is the best way of ‘collecting’ it…

The exhibition is on until 10th of June.


There’s more information about Luigi Polito including a great video on the butterflies at http://www.lavocedelserchio.it/vediarticolo.php?id=22927&page=0&t_a=le-farfalle-del-monte-pisanole-foto-di-luigi-polito-nel-video-presentato-da-patrizia-ennas

3 thoughts on “Pisan Butterflies

  1. Vi ringrazio personalmente per l’articolo che mi avete dedicato. Se volete contattarmi questa è la mia email ufficiale, è possibile avere il vostro numero di cellulare? Vi ringrazio.
    Luigi Polito

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