Water, water all around and ……..

20160525_123341 20160525_123347 20160525_123405       For some time in Longoio we used the liquid supplied by Gaya the water supply company. We were not enamoured of its taste as it seemed over-chlorinated and sometimes the water coming out of the kitchen tap looked almost white. Things came to a head when we bought our first two goldfish and filled their tank with tap water. The poor Pisceans died within a day.


(The luckier successors: Tira and Molla)

Fortunately, an alternative and safe supply of water came to our attention when a spring water tap was installed near the Refubbri stream on the way down to Bagni di Lucca from Longoio.

The supply used to be well-hidden by woodland but after the massive rechannelling works carried out by the province last summer in order to prevent further landslides and floods the tap looks quite the centre of attention.

I always stop there to fill up water bottles, not just for the fish tank but also for cooking and especially to make a nice cup of tea. Although never quite tasting like a cup of tea in England the spring water is excellent and I’m sorry for anyone who still has to suffer the over-chlorinated water from Gaia. That’s ok for bathroom use but my fish have proved it’s not pukka. Furthermore, I tested my cats on it by placing before them before a basin filled with tap water and one filled with our local spring water. They soon chose the spring water…

Let me emphasise its local spring water at 0 kilometres transport. I’d never go so far as to order spring or mineral water in a restaurant. I don’t approve of supporting traffic pollution caused through transportation of that apparently fashionable commodity…

7 thoughts on “Water, water all around and ……..

  1. Bottled water is ridiculous, especially here in Italy where there are free springs in many towns and villages. The size of the water sections in the supermarkets here are proof that Italians are not giving up the bottled water any time soon.

    • I quite agree. I went to a local restaurant with a Lucca food expert who refused to have anything to do with bottled water. Incidentally, there is a new drinking water fountain in Lucca (Viale Giusti) near the station recently inaugurated by Mayor Tambellini which gives one a choice of still or bubbly. (We had the same choice at Milan’s Expo last year when it was really hot!)

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