How to Make a PB and J in Longoio

I can’t understand why peanut butter is not readily available in Italy. Having experienced the American Peanut Butter with Jelly sandwich (affectionately known as a PB & J) during my perambulations over there I was languishing for one nel bel paese until yesterday. Besides, taking a well-made PB & J can supply almost a quarter of daily calorie intake – useful if you need energy for a long hike in the mountains.

Peanut butter takes a peanut of a brain to make up and costs just peanuts!

First get your peanuts.

05092016 003

Then take some oil. I used sunflower oil which is not too strong in taste. Some people go for olive oil to get a truly Mediterranean version, however.

05092016 004

Place an Italian coffee-cup full of oil into your blender and then add a handful of peanuts.

If you want smoother peanut butter, keep the blender going for longer.

05092016 005

However, if you prefer crunchier peanut butter blend the mixture for a shorter time.

Similarly if you like your peanut butter a little more runny add more oil. If you prefer more solid peanut butter then put a few more peanuts in the blender. Be warned, however, that the blender is already hard at work and could blow up if the mixture gets too tough for it to blend.

Fortunately my blender didn’t blow up and I was able to extract the peanut butter to the consistency I preferred.

Let the mixture stand for at least an hour until using it.

I took a jar of home-made quince jam which my wife had prepared earlier.

05092016 007

I spread the peanut butter on a slice of bread:

05102016 035

I topped the layer with a spoonful of the jam (in Italian marmellata di mela di cotogna) to cover the peanut butter layer

05102016 036

and that was my first home-made example of a PB & J sandwich!

05102016 037So you PB & J starved expats there is a solution.


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