Unitre End of Year Nosh

The academic year ends at Bagni di Lucca’s Unitre or university of the third age. On Saturday 21st students and staff met for a big nosh-up at the Circolo dei Forestieri. Staff are, of course, all volunteers and are not paid. We do, however, get a free lunch at the end of it all (students have to pay). I think it’s my eighth free Unitre lunch and the event was, as usual very convivial.

The lunch was very expansive in all sense of the term. It included antipasto, rice, macaroni, veal, potato cake, fried pasta, a nutty salad and a very nice ice-cream and fruit salad at the end.

On the ‘high’ table were the dignitaries which included Fabio Lucchesi who is retiring for his potion as president of Unitre after ten years in the job. Other notables included the mayor, Dr Vito, and Marco Nicoli.

Daniela Orsi and Valeria Catelli will surely keep the flag flying for Unitre – a valuable part of our community and one which I am proud to be a part of



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