All Hail in May

Last Thursday a violent hailstorm descended upon our part of the world. It came in waves. No sooner had one wave of rain and hail poured its malevolent load upon the Val di Lima hills than the sky cleared for a few minutes only to reveal another surge of ‘maltempo’ (bad weather) coming our way.

I eventually made my way to our orto (allotment) to find the cabbages and salads quite flooded out. Feeling like a Chinese peasant during the Yangtze flood I hoped that summer would finally arrive.

Today it’s beautifully sunny and things are drying out. I can hardly say, however, that we shall have sun-kissed tomatoes this year. At least our new water reservoir is practically full.

The weather in italy is becoming ever more unpredictable. I think we all know the reason why for it’s a world phenomenon.

Imagine if we had to survive on the fruits (and veg) of our little orto. Yet so much of the world does depend on their plot of land – a sobering thought, indeed!


2 thoughts on “All Hail in May

  1. I agree that the weather has become totally strange, and yes, we do know what’s happening. The problem is, it’s happening faster than anyone predicted. That pool of water will help those veggies along.

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