Puccini Postcards

Encouraged by the great success of past years, the ‘Cartolina Pucciniana’ (Puccini Postcard) season is returning. There are opera recitals around the corner from the composer’s birth house created in collaboration with the Teatro Del Giglio, Fondazione Giacomo Puccini and Puccini Birth house Museum. In the picturesque setting of Piazza Cittadella, a Puccini location par excellence in the heart of Lucca, next to Puccini’s statue, you can listen to selections of arias and duets from the Maestro’s most famous and beloved works, with piano accompaniment. These are magical concerts, through which the public can approach the great Puccini opera repertoire easily and informally, surrounded by the unique atmosphere of the streets and monuments of the composer’s birth house.

indexInformation: http://www.teatrodelgiglio.it.Reservations and purchases at the Giglio Theatre Ticket Office (tel. 0583.465320, email: biglietteria@teatrodelgiglio.it).
Single price 10 €; adding 5 € to the ticket price you can have both the concert and a guided tour of the Puccini Birth house Museum. (Info: Puccini Birth house Museum – tel. 0583.584028- info@puccinimuseum.it, http://www.puccinimuseum.it).

Cartolina Pucciniana: La Rondine

Thursday, June 2 at 6.00 pm. First event with La Rondine. Federica Grumiro (Magda), Tiziano Barontini (Ruggero), Cinzia Centonza (Lisette) and Gabor Kovacs (Prunier), accompanied on piano by Massimo Morelli, will perform arias, duets from Puccini’s sophisticated opera centered on the figure of Magda. It’s a story of love and subtlety set between Paris and the French Riviera and is full of beautiful melodies that are sure to thrill the audience.

Cartolina Pucciniana: Madama Butterfly

Thursday, July 7, at 6 pm. The second Puccini postcard is Madama Butterfly.

Cartolina Pucciniana: Tosca

Thursday, August 4. Third Puccini postcard with Tosca. Two performances at 6 pm and 9 .30 pm respectively.

Cartolina Pucciniana: La Bohème

Thursday, September 1. Final Puccini postcard: La bohème. Two performances at 6 pm and 9 .30 pm respectively.



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